Back to the roots

Forest is a place, where we feel rooted & free at the same time. The natural materials, we use in our exclusive equipment production, have the same purpose. To connect you to the ground and support you in understanding your body mechanics and precision of balance with ease.

With care

We create, construct and test handstand gear since 2015 in the heart of Europe with local engineers and from local material supply. Every single set of canes, we make, is tested by our team, before it’s sent to your address. We have satisfied customers from 22 countries world wide.

About creator...

Handstand equipment combines tradition, technology and innovation. It requires a lot of experience in hand balancing and innovative thinking. I was lucky I studied technical high school, which brought me closer to the world of geometry and construction. Since a very young age, I have liked to build stuff and work with tools. After meeting the field of hand balancing, I knew that I will need some kind of apparatus to work on and so I started to talk about the first set of handstand canes with my father’s friend Zdenek. After some years of prototyping, we were satisfied with the model we made and we were seeking for someone, who would make a unique handcrafted backpack for the traveling platform. Our designer Betka created and tested variety of cuts and materials to keep the solidity and authenticity of our brand. 

...Jan Jirak

Besides my journey as a handstand equipment producer, I am also a physical theater performer, professional hand balancer and founder of Prague Handstand School of Hand Balancing. 

My great interests are supporting young talents on their journey to become professional artists as a pedagogue at Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and studying at Traditional Chinese Medicine Institute in Prague.

We are all different and each of us is special as the trees in the forest are. So pick the tools, you prefer to work with, at Handstand Forest Equipment shop and enjoy the upside down vibe (: