Stainless Steel Handstand Leaf Canes - Handstand Forest
Stainless Steel Handstand Leaf Canes - Handstand Forest
Stainless Steel Handstand Leaf Canes - Handstand Forest
Stainless Steel Handstand Leaf Canes - Handstand Forest
Stainless Steel Handstand Leaf Canes - Handstand Forest
Stainless Steel Handstand Leaf Canes - Handstand Forest
Stainless Steel Handstand Leaf Canes - Handstand Forest
Leaf Handstand Canes - Handstand Forest
Leaf Handstand Canes - Handstand Forest
Leaf Handstand Canes - Handstand Forest
Leaf Handstand Canes - Handstand Forest
Stainless Steel Handstand Leaf Canes

Stainless Steel Handstand Leaf Canes

Our Stainless Steel Handstand Leaf Canes not only keep it simple for any level of handstand but are also lighter and way tougher than classic canes, thanks to the stainless steel build. Super easy to fold up to just 8cm by 20cm and comes with a handy carrying case. Quick to set up or pack away, they're the perfect blend of modern style and practicality, making them a top choice for durability and ease of use in your daily practice.

Regular price15.226,00 Kč

Blocks size
Canes height
Distance between canes
  • Folded size: 65 cm x 20 cm x 9,5 cm
  • Weight approximately: 7.7 kg
  • Distance between the sticks: 33 cm
  • Dismountable blocks
  • Shipping worldwide
  • High quality materials
  • Comes with a handcrafted backpack

Verified by professional handbalancers


It took me about minute to put them together, and another minute to get used to these high quality and beautifully made handstand canes.
Good stuff!

Yuval Yalon



Are you planning to send your handstand canes to Extravaganza also this year? I have to admit that your canes are the best ones for me so far.

Sam Extravaganza



Beautifully made canes. I have tested many canes over the years and must say that these are my all over favorite which I'm going to stick with. They weigh in at around 7.5kg and come with a travel bag. I have just traveled with them on a plane as carry-on without any problems.

Ulrik Ask Fossum


Mikael Kristiansen


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Generally yes. If you have never used similiar equipment, we recommend checking out our Instagram page for more tips. We offer three different heights of the canes, so you can choose based on your level.

Leaf Canes allow you to do all type of movements, including one arm handstand and one arm handstand jumps.

However, if you want to jump to one arm handstand on Leaf Canes, make sure that the ground is completely flat. You can use 45cm and 60cm Leaf Canes without added weight if your jump is precise. We recommend adding some extra weight to the base (e.g. 16-32kg kettlebell depending on your body weight) to be extra sure or if you use 75cm Leaf Canes.

Yes, you can find lots of tips on our Instagram page or you can sign up to our courses. See the footer of this page.

Definitely! And right now we can tell that it would make a perfect travel buddy.

The Handstand Forest equipment is like a hand forged sword. The one arm handstand on the canes and blocks is sharp and effortless. Durability of all used materials is infinite. Nevertheless, we recommend taking care of your “sword” with oil to prevent rust and make the wood more resistant to humidity. If some of the sockets get a bit rusty, due to the occasional outside training sessions followed by rain, soak a tissue with vinegar, place it on the rusty sockets for 30 minutes, wipe off the rust & dry the surface and apply an oil of any kind.  For the wooden parts: Wash them with a sponge and a bit of soap, let it dry and apply oil. The wood is living material and it loves to be taken care of. Canvas backpack can be washed in a washing machine at 30 degrees Celsius, but hand wash is preferred.
The equipment is evolving with you, can be painted to your own design, but the precision stays the same. <3 

Shipping and returns

Since the order is made and the payment is proceeded, we start to work on your set of equipment. If you let us know immediately, we can make changes in your order, if very necessary.

Yes, to almost every country with very few exceptions. We will let you know if we do not ship to your country but it should not happen, really. If you do not see your country in the list, it does not mean that we do not ship there. Let us know through our contact form if you encounter this issue.

Since all our canes are handcrafted and we keep a low stock, shipping could take up to three week but we will do everything to deliver them earlier if possible.

Our products are made with special care and their durability is nearly eternal. However, mistake can be found in everything in the world. If it's a mistake regarding the structure of the wood or steel, note, that natural materials have their structures and it is not considered as a defect of the product. If the problem would limit the function or stability, we offer immediate exchange for a new or fixed apparatus without any hesitation. We cannot control, how people behave to their tools, so we consider every case separately.

There have never been serious complaints of our products, but just in case read the following text:

We are not responsible for any injury caused on our equipment. It is an acrobatic tool to be used under the guidance of professionals or if you are experienced practitioner. If there is any problem with the canes, write us an email and we will give you a free consultation, how to fix your apparatus or free exchange of the defected parts.

The cost of the shipping varies, depending on your address. You can check the shipping rate after selecting a country in the popup or in the cart.

Credit or debit card payment is accepted along with Google / Apple Pay.